December 5, 2014


So!  It's been a week since Thanksgiving!  How did that happen?  All of a sudden we are in the thick of the holiday crazy.  And I don't even know where to start.  You know when you have so much to do that you are overwhelmed and end up getting nothing accomplished?  That's basically where I"m at with this blog right now.  So! Many! Things! So how about a random list of fun  I found when downloading photos off my phone?

Sled Dogs

Oh but before I get to that sign ups for the Road Trip Yarn Club are still open!  And I'm even offering a monthly payment option!  It's the perfect gift for that special knitter in your life.

1.)  The dude and his partner in crime at their preschool Thanksgiving party:

Sled Dogs

2.)  Tiny straight up refusing to be put into a highchair. 

 He is convinced that he's a big kid and who am I to argue with that?

You do not argue with the Tiny.
 3.)  My girl.

I love everything about this picture.

4.)  So I rarely am ever able to volunteer at my daughter's school (no child care option.  Toddlers?  Not very helpful unless you want lots of messes and/or screaming) But!  Any time they've put out the call for random craft supplies?  I am ALL OVER IT.  Recently they were hoping for fiberfill.  I don't know what they were going to do with it I just knew I had a giant bag kicking around my attic that I inherited from my great-grandmother's house.  While digging it out I found this:

Digging in my attic for some yarn to donate to my kid's school and I found this. It's from my 2005 just into knitting and I have disposable income and oooh shiny! Phase.  I probably shouldn't have bought it then but now? It's going to become an awesome El
Remember when yarns like that were a thing?  Back in like 2005?  Yeah... right at the time when I was just getting into knitting and had disposable income.  I purchased many nonsense skeins like this one.  I also have a ribbon yarn poncho somewhere that I shouldn't even admit exists.  Ugh.  Anyways I threw it with some Patons and boom:

Elsa scarf. Perfect Christmas gift for my girl.

5.)  The Book Advent Calendar is back:

Getting the Book Advent calendar together and wrapped. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!  #xmas2014
I added a few new things and reused a bunch from last year.  This year's interesting twist?  Watching my 3yo try to have the self control to not open the next one until that night.  It's tough.

Yay random!  Hopefully this gets me back in the mode of posting again....

November 21, 2014

Road Trip Yarn Club!

I am super excited to announce that Jeanne Stevenson of Destination Yarn and Kate Jackson of Kate Jackson Knits have teamed up to bring you the Road Trip Yarn Club!

This collaboration of yarn and patterns will take you on a road trip knitting adventure. Each month we will travel to a new location where the project, pattern, and yarn will all work together to capture the spirit of a place. By the end you will have traveled 3,000 miles via knitting!

Some pretty Destination Yarn.
Every month from January through August 2015 we will release a limited edition, hand-dyed yarn by Destination Yarn and an accompanying knit pattern by Kate Jackson Knits available only at Knitting on the Square and the Destination Yarn Etsy Shop.

Some pretty Kate Jackson Knits patterns.
For more information and to sign up go to the Destination Yarn Etsy Site.  Space is limited and pre-registration is only open until December 25!  I'm thinking this is about the PERFECT Christmas gift for the knitter in your life.

So you know when you're working on something in secret and you want to tell everyone but you can't?  THIS.  I have been waiting to tell everyone about this for weeks now because it is just going to be so awesome.  Seriously you guys I am having so much fun with this club!  Kate is a fantastic designer and just wonderful to work with.  This has been a true collaboration from start to finish.  The first colorway is dyed already (so that Kate can design and knit the pattern) and when she first saw it her response was "OOOOOOH I can't wait to knit with that!!!"  YUP.  It's going to be SO good.   SQUEE!

November 19, 2014

Tiny's First Haircut.

So.  Our Tiny?  Has amazing, curly hair:

Tiny's First Haircut
Glorious toddler locks!
I've been obsessively photographing it for months now.  It's downright angelic:

Tiny's First Haircut
Middle child:  "Why aren't you taking a picture of meeee?"
But lately we've turned the corner from "shaggy baby" to "seriously when are you going to cut it?"  And it's always in his face.  And.... SOB.... it was time:

Tiny's First Haircut

So on Sunday we took him for his first ever haircut.

Tiny's First Haircut
I wanted to just trim up his bangs.  Make it so it's not in his face but keep the "curlers" as my girl calls them. 
Tiny's First Haircut

But once we did that he looked like a girl.

Tiny's First Haircut

 Plus Matt was in the background yelling "Cut. His. Hair." at me...
Tiny's First Haircut

 So.... I told her to just trim it around his ears a bit.

Tiny's First Haircut

That ended badly:

Tiny's First Haircut
Why would you give me a mullet?

Tiny's First Haircut
Glorious Mullet of Toddler.
So I gave in and cut it all:

Tiny's First Haircut
My heart on the floor.
And you know what?  HE'S ADORABLE:

Tiny's First Haircut
Tiny's First Haircut
Yes.  With one swipe of the scissors he transformed from a baby to a little man.  And No I wasn't quite ready for that.  But... actually I kindof am.  A world with only big kids and no babies sounds kindof interesting.

Tiny's First Haircut
Everything with 3 kids is interesting.

He looks so grown up!!!!
Tiny's new do
Before vs After.  Baby vs. Man.
All 3 of the men in my life have had haircuts this week and are looking quite dapper:
Tiny's First Haircut

And for as worried as I was about his curls never coming back... well all it took was a bath:

Short curls!
Love my Tiny!

November 17, 2014

New Colorway Decisions.

So.  GAH!  Time totally got away from me there while I was preparing for my Destination Yarn show at Yarn Cravin'.

Getting ready for Yarn Cravin' this Sat and Tiny climbed into my bin of yarn! #stevensonpartyoffive #destinationyarn #indiedyer #yarn #knitting #knit
He's super helpful while I"m packing for a show!
The piles are lower than they were this morning but there is still plenty of pretty here at Yarn Cravin'! #destinationyarn #indiedyer #yarn #handdyedyarn #knit #knitting
Yarn Cravin'!
I absolutely did not mean to neglect this blog for so long!  Especially after all of your great suggestions for my new colorways!  Here's what I decided:

Provence was just perfect.  I can't believe I didn't think of it!  And I had to do this:

Yeah.  Why fight it?  It is what it is.  Amazing how deep those kids movies become entrenched.  Meh.  In other news check out this yarn I bought this weekend:

Yesterday at Yarn Cravin I bought this georgeous baby Llama / sparkle blend dyed by Behind the Pines. I want to knit a hat but I'm at a loss.... anyone knit any fantastic hat patterns recently?  It's a light worsted weight... #knit #knitting #indiedyer #y
It's handyed Baby Llama from Behind the Pines.  So soft and squishy!  I want it to be a hat to go with my houndstooth coat.... commence the Ravelry pattern stalking!

So! Many! Options!
Anyways thanks for all of the suggestions on my yarn.  Stay tuned - Destination Yarn has some more cool things coming up!

November 7, 2014

Help Me Name My Yarn.

So!  Those of you who are new around here might not know this but in addition to this blog I'm also the dyer behind Destination Yarn.   Occasionally I'll post about it here because who doesn't want to see pictures of pretty yarn?
It has been a great day!  I am here for another half hour if you wanted to stop by!   #thisiscle #yarn #handdyedyarn #knit #knitting #indiedyer #destinationyarn
Me with all the pretty yarn.
Sidenote:  The advice I keep hearing about blogging is that you should find a niche and stick to it.  Post only about that one thing and find your tribe of people interested in that one thing  And every time I hear that I just think HAAAAAAA OOOOOPS.

Anyways!  Yarn!

New Colorways
New Colorways!!!
I have a trunk show coming up next Saturday, November 15 at Yarn Cravin'.  I haven't been there in awhile and they are such a fun group of people so I wanted to dye up a couple of brand new colorways.  I was feeling uninspired by my own travel so I paged through pintrest until something struck my fancy:
Quebec City.
I found that image of Quebec City and just loved it.  The colors spoke to me even if I had never been there myself.  So I interpreted it as this:
Black and pink and teal and blue!
Which, LOVE.  But then my daughter saw it and said it looked like something that I now can't unsee.  Any guesses?


 Here let me put it next to a skein of one of my other colorways - Helsinki - see if that gets you there:


Hmmm.. those colors look pretty familiar together...

Maybe this will help:
"It's ANNA yarn!!!"

RIIIIIIIGHT.  So I accidentally dyed Anna yarn.  Exactly.  I perhaps maybe have seen that movie one to many times.  So I did a little research and it turns out that Frozen is based on Norway:
Pictured:  The North Mountain?
My question is this:  Do I stick to calling the yarn Quebec City or do I lean in and name it Oslo?

Either way it's pretty.
My next new colorway is this one:


I've had the color combo of greys, purple, and yellow floating around my head for awhile now.  Finally I put it to yarn.  Even if I had no place to reference.  Which is not how I normally do things.  I loooooove it, though:


But I have no idea what to name it.  I mean what place is purple, grey, and yellow?


Both of these new colorways and a bunch more pretty will be at Yarn Cravin' all day November 18!
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