September 27, 2005


Ugh. So that's what my "living" room looks like after Saturday (by the way, thanks to Andy, Gavin, and Osam for taking the many many trips in my dad's truck to get all of our stuff to the house!) At least we're moved! Well almost... we're going tonight to move all of our kitchen stuff out of the apartment. That's the last of it then. After that I just need to clean the apt. kitchen and do the final walk through with the leasing agency (I want to get as much of that security deposit back as possible!)

Then the unpacking begins...

Although I guess this snapshot of my current situation isn't really fair considering how good the upstairs is starting to look. Thanks to the help of my mom (who has been wonderful) we painted the entire thing.... walls, sloped ceiling, trim, built-in's, windows and all. No more hot pink sponge paint or dark blue everything. I posted a pic. of what it used to look like below... Now, it looks awesome - we decided on a really dark brown for accent walls that was like we were painting with chocolate (same consistency, same color). And we're getting our new Ikea bed and end tables this weekend - which became necessary after we discovered that you can't fit a queen boxspring up our stairs! We also managed to paint one of the downstairs bedrooms (thank you, Rebecca!) and set it up as a guest bedroom. And almost everything in that bedroom was painted with leftover paint! It's cream (from my parent's family room) and "Bingham Red" leftover from our apartment. I'm pretty happy with it. I'll have to post pics once I get things more established. This weekend among other things I'd like to paint the other downstairs bedroom - we mixed some leftover gray from our columns in the apt. with some random light blue my mom had to get a pretty decent light gray. Then we're going to do a yellow accent wall - again leftover from our apt. Painting on a budget is fun!

Unfortunately due to all of this moving/painting/packing/craziness I have not knit a stitch in weeks. It is very sad... I have an awesome tab bag on the needles that I can't wait to see felted (in my own washer!) but that will have to wait. I also sincerely miss my snb girls - three weeks in a row I've missed! It sucks! But now that I've got this online thing going it should be a little easier to communicate and keep in touch with everyone despite my absence from Bella Dubby.

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