October 7, 2005

Actual Knitting Content

Ok so this "knit blog" has been about everything but. After an extremely productive weekend (thanks to Matt's 'rents for helping out), and a week spent recovering from a nasty cold and celebrating my mom's 50th things have finally, finally started to normalize. I've actually been able to do things like make dinner and watch tv in my own house! Oh and by the way the #1 thing that is amazing about living in a house is the backyard. I have really enjoyed sitting out side reading, watching Dexter chase chipmunks, and enjoying the last few days of summer weather. I so need to get a hammock and a grill... but until then I think we need to buy one of those portable fire-pit thingies for our housewarming party. Oh yeah - we're having a housewarming party sometime over the weekend of Nov. 11th. More details I'm sure will follow....

Anyways so last night I decided that it was time to knit.... but I've been away from it for so long that the bag I had been working on was a little overwhelming.... I needed a project that I could finish in one night so that I could have some sense of acomplishment and get my knitting confidence back. So I knit myself a cell phone coozie. I had been worried about my shiny new razr phone getting dinged up in my purse this should keep it nice and shiny for good!

I didn't want it to have a flap or a button or anything because it takes me long enough to find my cell phone when it's ringing - let alone mess with a button. So I had to make it tight enough to stay on. I also didn't want to seam anything in the spirit of keeping this a under 2 hour project - so I knit it on double pointed needles and used the three needle bindoff to close one end. I think if i made it again I would make it a little taller so that the stockinette edge would roll back on itself above the phone and make a little more of a closure... but oh well... I'm happy with the results. Hopefully my next knitting post will be about something a little more substantial!


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  3. stupid span comments...don't ya hate that?!
    love the cell phone cozy...very fall looking :)
    lookin' forward to the housewarming, girlie!!
    see ya tuesday!


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