October 6, 2005

Happy 50th Birthday Mom!!!


  1. Happy Early Anniversary, Jeanne! Love the new blog and it's so good to hear from you...I was just saying on Tuesday how I missed seeing you at SNB!!
    Can't wait to see the new pad and can't wait to chat w/ you next Tuesday! Take care, girlie!

    oh, and by the way...your list of things you'll miss about your apartment brought tears to my eyes...i know you're gonna love being in your house, but i can see how you'll miss where you came from!

  2. you are a friggin' riot, jeanne!!!! i love the list of things about you. that was sweet. anyways, be stoked about the move to wp. i am extra stoked. just think you can give up all those trendy posh bars for blue collar, dank smoke holes...and that is truely living, cleveland style!!!! we'll get our wing on soon at the neighborhood establishment. btw, i inadvertantly signed up for a blog when i left this message....so watch out!!!!!!!!

  3. Dude Jill's got a knitblog! It's gonna be sweet. Have fun in the ATL!!!


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