October 10, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Us!

So this weekend was fun. Friday night was happy hour and that’s always good… then Saturday morning I drove down to Columbus and hung out with Rebecca and LB (who was up from DC for her nephew’s baptism). It was fun – we got to wander around the Easton Yuppie Mall and check out the new Victoria Secret which is apparently a prototype for the new store. It was pretty freaky – lots of starved mannequins in thongs. I seriously thought that I was going to get impaled by a plastic hipbone….there is such a thing as taking "experiential shopping" too far. Then Rebecca and I went to the craftin’ outlaws show. Much more my speed than the yuppie mall. I didn’t get anything since the house has eaten my disposable income, but Rebecca got this gorgeous silver and stained glass necklace. It was a fun – lots of really neat crafts – good inspiration to get back into the knitting/crafting thing.

After the drive home from Columbus (damn Ohio drivers! Damn construction! Damn rain!), Matt and I went to the Playhouse to see "Roomservice". He got the tickets from work somewhere… it was really nice. We decided that instead of doing a big dinner thing for our anniversary we’d spend the dough on subscribing to the playhouse. So we now have 8 tickets to whatever shows we want – and a few guaranteed dates. So that’s nice.

Sunday, our actual 1-year anniversary, we basically just laid low. After spending the past 2 months in a flurry of house hunting, house buying, having a roommate, moving, having out of town guests, and house painting we really just wanted to spend a day together alone doing nothing. It was wonderful. We slept in, went out for a cheap 'n greasy breakfast (the best kind!), and watched the browns game. Then we took our doggie to the park and ran around with him. There is nothing like the look of complete joy on Dexter’s face when he is running at top speed. That dog is so fast! It was like watching a little white bullet tear around the grass.

Instead of getting all dressed up and going downtown as planned we just ended up at Aladdin’s for dinner. It was so nice and peaceful. I highly recommend the Fatoosh salad by the way. It was amazing. I do not recommend, however, saving the top tier of your wedding cake to eat on your anniversary. What a stupid tradition! The cake – which I’m told was excellent the first time around (I didn’t actually have a chance to eat any at my wedding other than the stuff that Matt shoved into my face) tasted like nothing. It was completely flavorless. It was supposed taste like marble cake layered with nut cake and raspberry filling. What a waste of good cake!!! We should have just eaten it the day after our wedding and saved one little piece for our anniversary. It still looked cool at least… All in all it was a very calm and wonderful anniversary weekend.

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  1. We just had our 1 year anniversary last July and ended up grilling at home. We ate our topper the day after our wedding - the cake was awsome! My mom couldn't believe we didn't freeze it. I ordered a 6in. taste test cake from the baker for our bbq dessert.

    I wanted to go to the craftin' outlaw show but had to work!


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