October 13, 2005

"I loathe the bus"

So in an attempt to be urban and gas-conscious I have been taking the bus to work. Yesterday was my first day doing this and it sucked hard. The thing with taking the bus is you have to know the bus schedule ahead of time or you end up waiting for a half hour for the damn thing to get there. I left my house at quarter to 8 and wasn’t at work until 8:30. Not cool. Then I worked late and ended up on a bus full of "bus people" and not commuters. Also not cool.

Today, however was much better. Matt dropped me off at the bus stop and I was at work 20 min after leaving my house. I also knit on the bus… and using my commute time to knit is definitely a huuuuuge plus. I’m working on the other mitten and it seems to be the perfect bus project – small, portable, and if I screw it up who cares b/c it’s gonna be felted anyway. Everyone may be getting mittens for Christmas!!!

In knitting news I’m going back to birds of a feather in Avon tonight to return a bunch of yarn that I decided that it was the wrong color for what I want to make with it…. Which is going to have to be top-secret since it’s a gift. I did join a knit along for it though, which is my first ever online knit along. It seems pretty cool so far – I get to follow other people’s progress, ask questions, and get inspired…. I also have a place to post pics of my project since I can’t do it here.


  1. i used to take the rta all the time when i was a kid - shopping, school, movies. it all changed when i got my license!

    it's great that your taking the bus to work! i was contemplating it. is it really cheaper?

  2. so, what's this knit along thing all about? sounds interesting. what color did u end up going w/? u can wait til tuesday to tell me if u don't want to disclose that info here ;) good luck w/ the bus stuff...i, too, have been taking the bus, but i just take the lakewood circulator down the street. it only takes me 20 min to walk it, but then i have to wear tennies and take shoes w/ me and i usually carry alot of stuff so it's not fun to walk there. so, for just 25 cents more than parking on the roof our garage just one day, i can take the bus for the entire week and have jason pick me up. it all works out :)

  3. thanks for the branching out site...i think i'll wait til jan. to start it cuz i'm busy w/ other stuff right now, but that's a great way to get help from others! good luck w/ the sweater...the color sounds beautiful!

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