October 20, 2005

Jeanne needs

Ok here’s another blog game – you type "my name needs" into google and see what you get. So here we go… the pics are random (dad's shot of the skyline, vegas last may, dexterpacking) I just don't like posting w/o pics.

Jeanne needs:

to be in relationship
a patron
to keep here distance
a shooter
to be commended
Godly wisdom and guidance
to get on the list,
guidance in how to look like a well-brought-up young lady
to know you got the request
your prayers today more than ever
to understand that white taxpayers are the slaves now
tennis balls
any changes back by March 3
to ease her soul
to be stopped
to remind us that rudeness is not part of the deal
more help to cure her addiction
a commitment
food, as does her tribe (dude I get a tribe!!! Awesome)
volunteers to help, man.
to get a damned clue
some protection on her journey
help with setting up and cleaning up
a master
some help
some extensive therapy before getting married to anyone
a quick answer
a husband who is very passionate
help of some sort
to do something about these drunken dorfs
to come back to me and love me
To get a clue
to read up on the ordinances in her own little village.
to curve North and die
to go somewhere else
all her strength
an assistant
to be around other kids
to get a clue that I'm sick of her shit.
God's help
to be truthful with investigators
some sleep
all her resources
to kick in her afterburners soon
to stop diddle daddling around
me home
physical intimacy
to go the hell away
to put her diaper back on
a lesson in The destructive power of hurricanes
to show a pic
a big thank You
all the demons she can get
to take time off work.
to be a good girl

All of these are good… but the funniest one was this:

Jeanne needs to stop playing with her vibrator

Oh my.


  1. obviously a busy day at the office......

  2. how fun :) love the pics, by the way! what do u use to post ur pics? i've tried imageshack, but somehow i end up w/ the size at the bottom of the pic. i'm not very internet saavy when it comes to html, i guess.
    love ur google image search game, too...will try that on mine if i learn how to put up pics easily :)

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I love both the tribe...and "all the demons she can get". Maybe it's a demon tribe?

  5. u rock, jeanne!! thank you...i will definitely be adding pics to my next post :)


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