October 11, 2005

Wild Dog

Ok so last night when I got home from work my dog greeted me at the door. Which is odd considering I had put him in his crate before I left for work. Yup. My little houdini had managed to take his crate apart. The top of it was completely off. He must have really worked at it – mustering all 11lbs of force. I would love to have seen the look on his face when he finally got the top off and jumped out. "I’m freeee!" He didn’t leave us any unpleasant surprises so that’s good… and seemed all excited when we examined the crate… I’ll bet he was thinking "how mysterious…I wonder how that happened…. we should catch the man who did this!" When I was looking for a dog the number one thing I was looking for was intelligence… now I’m not so sure that was a good idea!

The vet visit was less fun. Dexter has been losing his hair recently so we took him in. Either he has a thyroid imbalance or a nervous condition. For now she is thinking that it is just nerves with the move and complete change in schedule and all and gave him steroids to snap him out of it. He should start to grow hair back now that things have normalized. If he doesn’t … then he has a hormonal imbalance and will need "further testing and medication". Which sounds expensive! So we’re hoping the ‘roids work. Wonder if he’ll ‘roid rage… hee hee hee. The vet also said that his shivering is probably just because he’s cold with the hair loss and all. She suggested…. A sweater! So the Dexter sweater is out in force. He doesn’t seem to mind it – actually I think he kind of likes it. When I went to put it on him last night he wagged his tail and put his head down into it. I’m going to have to suspend all knitting projects and make him another one out of wool. Poor little guy! Matt has wanted me to make him a Steelers sweater for awhile now. Hopefully I’ll have time between work and SnB to run out to a yarn store and pick up some black and gold wool – perhaps cascade superwash? Something that isn’t too expensive or hard to wash. He is a dog after all!

Last night I did have a chance to knit quite a lot - the Steelers game was on so I knit while my husband yelled at the tv. I almost finished one of the mittens in "Knit One Felt Too". They are pretty cute – the mitten is your basic felted mitten but then you knit a cuff to go inside. It looks pretty tall – almost disproportionately tall. I may have to finish and felt one before I start on the other one – but it will felt more in height than in width right? Riiiight. Here’s a pic of my progress.

As far as what’s next in the knitting plans - I have a few Christmas presents in mind but I’m not sure who is reading this blog so I won’t be listing those! I have been thinking about starting a sweater for awhile now... It would be my very first sweater ever although not my first garment. I did knit the ribbon x-back from the spring knitty – It turned out really, really nice after I knit it once, frogged the entire thing, and knit it again! Here's a pic from before I frogged. So I think I can handle a sweater – it’s just a matter of finding one that will be worth knitting and will hold my attention during the knitting. Perhaps samus? (It's geourgous but I'm a little afraid of the cabled bands) Perhaps the ribby cardi? Perhaps the hourglass sweater? Or something different? Not sure yet…. any recommendations?
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