November 17, 2005

Murder at the Four Deuces

The Murder Mystery party that we had last weekend was amazing! We ended up with 25 people (26 characters after Osam bit it), one extra murder, and a lot of empty liquor bottles. Everyone dressed up. Everyone. It was awesome. The food was great (Thanks everyone for helping out!!!), the company was great, and the game was phenomenal. I was waiting to post a recap for the rest of the pics but it seems like that could take awhile (Rebecca and Jill I’m talking to you!). So for now I posted a gallery of all of Jessica’s pictures on my photoblog….. here’s the link – Murder Mystery Party

The awards were:
Best Costume (pictured left): Velma Blake (Alyson I) & Cash Steal (John J)
Best Actor: Baroness Ravioli (Laura G.)
Most Money at the end of the night: Harriet Hambini (Alison I)
Super Sleuths: Sly Sleeze (Dan), Jack "Greasy Thumbs" Guiseppi (Peter), Guilda Guilseppi (Bridget) and Cash Steal (John J)

At first I was worried that the game wasn’t going to fly – it took everyone a little while to get into it…. But once Big Jim went to make his toast, we killed the lights, and shot him the game got really good. Everyone got so into their role – I got to scream at Osam, grease the accountant with free admission to my "clubs", and generally secure that my husband would be taking over the Chicago operations…. I paid off the reporter, the mayor, and the congressman and tried to recruit new "workers" for my operations. But I was far from the most into it – the guys were wheeling and dealing all night. At one point Matt, Joel, Osam, and the politicians were in the back room of the basement trying to reach an agreement and LB & Rebecca were listening at the door and feeding all the info to Alice (the reporter) in order to seek revenge on Brian for being paid by Osam to cheat on Rebecca with LB. Oh yes it was a tangled little web… but what a great game. I’m also very impressed at all of the different groups for mingling so well…. Family, Cleveland friends, and College friends all hung out and worked together to screw each other. It was fantastic.

The party must have been a success because when I mentioned that there is a Murder at the Four Deuces II everyone seemed interested. Perhaps we have to make this an annual event!

I also have to give a big thank you to everyone for the housewarming gifts and for helping out with everything. Megan got us an awesome snow shovel which from the looks of things will be very useful tonight, Laura P gave us a Christmas Cactus which is in full bloom (I can’t get mine to even produce buds! I think it gets too much light. Next year that plant’s going in the closet for October), and Sarah T gave us some fantastic wine. Alyson T gave us the most random, fun thing ever…. A Slip ‘n Slide!!!! So now I can’t wait until summer when we can set up that bad boy.

In knitting news (I swear this is a knit blog, really), I have been knitting a lot this week…. But nothing that I can post. It’s all gifts. The epic project is taking forever Sandlot style but it’s looking awesome. I’m going to post some pics on the knit along site so if you email me I’ll send you the link. I also plan on making my first ever knitpicks order sometime soon – does anyone have any thoughts on their Andean Silk? I want it for things that are worn close to the body – scarves and mittens and such – but I’m worried about it itching b/c of the wool content… any thoughts?


  1. i have been waiting to read the recap!! you'll get the photos as soon as i put 'em on my parents computer as my computer is ghetto and decided it doesn't want to burn cd's. by the way, wine teeth are way hot! Thanks for a rockin' good time, Jeanne!!!!!!!

  2. great pics, jeanne...i'm so sad we missed the party :((( u have to make it an annual event so we can join in the fun next year!

  3. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Hello there. We tried to do this murder/mystery evening as well but the host accidentally destroyed the game and as a result we never launched. The host swears he doesn't recall who the killer is. This is frustrating to me in particular because I need to know whodunit but can't afford to pay for a new copy myself. Care to reveal who the guilty party was? I'd appreciate it greatly.


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