November 1, 2005

Trick or Treat!!!

Ok so I have pictures from last night but unfortunately my camera is sitting on my kitchen table and not here with me at work. I’ll update this post tomorrow with pics!

So last night we threw a little impromptu shindig in order to celebrate two firsts – our first ever trick-or-treaters and our first ever time grilling out at our new house. My parents got us a sweet Weber kettle grill for a housewarming present – but it didn’t get here until last week (damn off-season shopping). Osam, Gavin, Andy and Jill came over. It was a ball!

Jill, my bro, and I sat out on our front porch and waited for some kids while plowing through a couple bottles of wine and the guys dealt with the grillin’. Did I mention that our grill kicks ass? Anyways the trick-or-treating was less then stellar. We had like 5 kids and a guy asking us for money. We talked to one kid and he said that all of the rest of the crowd was over on the side streets. We live on a main road and apparently most kids skip it. That is helped by the fact that noone on our block other than us and the people across the street from us had their lights on. What up with that? Isn’t it like a requirement of homeownership that you hand out candy at Halloween? Oh well… we still had fun.

By game time – oh yeah it was a Monday night football Steelers game – which is like a holiday in and of itself it you talk to my husband. We were all well buzzed, stuffed, and happy. Osam decided to become a Ravens fan (the traitor!) so he and Matt got to fight about calls and yell at the tv a lot. Which is always fun.

Despite the serious lack of knitting content on this blog I have actually been knitting quite a bit. Unfortunately what I have been knitting is classified as it is for gifts (I told you it was all lies to think that I wasn’t going to make anything for anyone for Christmas!). I don’t think anyone I actually know other than my SnB girls is reading this but you never know. I want to get this one really complicated part of the epic project done by this weekend. That way in the car I can knit mindlessly for hours while Osam and Matt talk football.

Last night, I also started some arm warmers for myself because it is frickin’ cold in my office. I’m going to make them with some lion’s homespun that I never did anything with (it was supposed to be a Christmas gift at one point) I was able to cast on, knit in ribbing, on double pointed needles while on a serious wine buzz. So yeah I guess my knitting skills have improved!

Tonight is the SnB potluck party although I’m not sure I’m going to be able to go…. We have so much to get done before this murder mystery it’s not even funny and we aren’t going to be here this weekend to do it! Oh well….
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