December 31, 2005

Andy's Normal Hat

So the blitz of posts about Christmas knittnig continues....

My brother wanted "just a plain old normal hat"…. So this is what I knit him:Pattern: Hot Head Hat from SnB
Modifications: I knit it in the round – I made the large size but I think I accidentally only knit the amount of rows in the medium… not sure. Added stipes – 7 rows gray, 3 rows black, 2 rows gray, 3 rows black, finish in gray
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino Wool in Dark Grey Mix and Black
Timeline: One night. That's right. I cranked this bad boy out in one SnB and an hour or so at home afterwards. Go me!
What I would Change: um… well I would have said pay attention and follow the directions but the shorter hat actually fit him really well - check it out: He has it on backwards! The stripe jog should be in the back but oh well....Also notice the slippers - knit by me! I'll post on those later....

1 comment:

  1. love the hat, jeanne - i'm making one for jason...late xmas gift. i stated it several times, but always managed to mess it up somehow lol. will start it again and do it right this time soon. by the way - ur brother is the male version of u! u two look so alike...both cutie-patooties, of course!
    anyway, love the hat, and the other projects...keep em coming!
    happy new year, chica!


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