December 6, 2005

Another Weekend Recap

So I love my crazy husband. He comes up with the most randomly creative things such as this:

It now says "Go Steelers" in 6' letters across our front yard. Which kills my plan to take a pic of our house with freshly fallen snow for our Christmas cards but is incredibly amusing and so very, very Matt.

This weekend was great. Friday night we went to Scrooge's Night Out a benefit for the Ohio Canal Corridor - which was actually a huge part of my master's thesis. It's basically this plan to connect the state through a recreation corridor along the tow path for what was the Ohio Canal. So someday you should be able to bike from Scranton Peninsula in downtown Cleveland all the way to Southern Ohio. Pretty cool if you ask me. Here's an interactive map showing the proposed canal way routes.

Anyways I got tickets through my office and a whole bunch of us went. Punch the Clown was playing - who are now my new fav cover band up there with the Reaganomics. So we rocked it out all night. And have big plans to rock it out again next time that they play at McCarthy's.

Saturday we laid low-meaning we recovered from the massive hangovers that only an open bar can bring on.

Then Sunday we went to the 'Lizard to watch the games... which last minute ended up being quite a few people. So there was a group of us, at the bar, watching football and knitting. The perfect Sunday afternoon.

After that we went to the park and played snow football for hours. It was dark by then but the park is really well lit. It was a ball. I was so frickin' sore yesterday! And I have tons of random bruises - not sure if they were caused by the Friday night drunken dancing or by being repeatedly tackled by Osam. Either way it was a great weekend.

So someday I promise that I will post about knitting again. It's just that everything currently on the needles is going to be gifted. And I have no idea who is reading this... so yeah...look for lots of knittng content in January!

Oh and the new Knitty is up. I love both tempting II and tubey and I did want to knit an entire sweater at some point...although I'm not sure that tubey is in my yarn budget. I'll have to look into it and see b/c I think the yarn it calls for is pretty expensive.

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  1. i looked up the price of the yarn and you need about 12-14 balls of it. they are about $9 a skein. so tubey is over $100!!! where do these people get their money from!!!!!


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