December 28, 2005

Apollo's Kitty Pi

Sorry I missed out last night, girls! Long story but we ended up going out with some college friends of friends we hadn't seen in literally years. Very weird... anyways here is the first of a long line of posts about individual Christmas gifts....

I made this Kitty Pi for my brother-in-law and his girlfriend's cat Apollo. I met her this weekend for the first time and man is she adorable. We tried to introduce her to Dexter with mixed results - basically what would happen is they would ignore each other, then one would get curious about the other, the other would get scared and their hair would go up and they would hiss or bark, then the curious one would give up and they'd both go back to ignoring each other and playing separately. Perhaps next time they will make friends.

Hopefully I can get a pic of Apollo in her Kitty Pi so that she can be in the Kitty Pi Gallery but until then here's some unfelted photos: Pattern: Kitty Pi
Modifications: I added a few rows at the top to complete my striping pattern.
Yarn: Reynolds Lopi in Navy and Dark Grey, random gray wool from grandma doubled up.
Timeline: 2 or 3 football games plus blocking time.
What I would Change: I would follow the pattern as is next time – the 2 or 3 extra rows really made the bed tall.

Here it is felted being blocked:
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