December 22, 2005

Christmas Randomness

Ok so Christmas Eve is in what 3 days…. And get this…. I’m done with the holiday knitting!!! Well…. Kindof. My mom’s family is doing their Christmas on New Year’s Day this year and I still have some knitting to do for that… but everything that had to be done by Christmas or Christmas Eve is Done Done Done Done Done!!! All I have to do now is wrap!!! And I used to be such a procrastinator….

Oh and if you are also knitting gifts here are some great gift labels – I’m not sure if I will use them yet since I may not have time to print them all out and such.

So Knit Ohio is going really well – There is a blurb on it in Current News on the Cincinnati Knitters site.

Does anyone know anything about Bloglines? I joined since it seems that there are more blogs than ever that I am attempting to keep up with – but somehow I can’t make my list of blogs public… even though I have a screen name and I have "publish my Blog and/or Blogroll" clicked… what else do I need to do?

And Finally – I joined Secret Pal Seven. I’ve never done one of these secret pal exchanges before and am really looking forward to this one. I even got in gear and made them a few buttons:

The week after Christmas I hope to post lots of knitting stuff as all of the gifts will be given and I no longer have to worry about who may be reading this.... until then...

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