December 27, 2005

Merry Christmas!

I have so much material for this blog now that most of the gifts have been given that I don’t even know where to start! I basically wrote a post per project as I went along but didn’t actually post them for the public to see since I didn’t want to spoil any Christmas surprises…so I have a backlog of posts… plus I took a whole ton of pictures this weekend… so there’s that… plus I want to tell you all everything that I got for Christmas and how all of my gifts went down etc. etc…So I guess I’ll just post a bunch of pictures.
Our happy family:

Oh and by the way this picture makes me very, very happy that my Christmas gift this year is a membership to Fitworks. My god when did I grow another chin?! Notice the shirt that Matt is wearing - a gift from me - I couldn't resist - He said it looks like the logo for the superhero "rat terrier man" and all he needs now is a cape.
Dexter got some gifts too – and we discovered that he loves taking toys out of boxes and bags.

Check out all of the handknit gifts that I gave this weekend:

Yeah buddy. That’s a lot of gifts… notice one of those is an entire SWEATER. That’s right people. I knit AN ENTIRE SWEATER!!!! That would be the epic project I've been referring to… There will be much more details coming on that one (and she will be sporting it tonight at SnB - be sure to come so you can see it in person!)… and on everything in that picture.... but for now here's another random weekend shot:

Yes that would be my husband cruising on the turnpike with the dog on his lap. Eh. No more unsafe than alot of other things I guess...

Overall it was a very nice weekend... all of the handknits were appreciated and Matt loved, loved, loved his gift of "guyland" - I got him a beer fridge, a tv, and a heinz field poster for the basement pool room - my 'rents got him a dartboard and his 'rents got him some sports related accessories to finish the place. I got a wonderful pair of garnet earings from matt and a pasta machine from my mom. My mom btw also knit me a great scarf and hat set - I will have to post pics of that later. It's almost as fun to receive something handmade as it is to give something handmade....

And finally - Our Christmas Tree:

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