December 31, 2005

Moulin Rouge!

So today we got Direct TV… oh yeah. 160 channels, HBO Showtime and Starz and we can pause and rewind live tv. And the PWT look of having a satellite dish strapped to our house is such a bonus. We went from not even having an antenna to having the most kick-ass tv ever…. Well at least for the first 3 months. Needless to say today got sucked down by that… I didn't even knit - I just stared at the happy box amazed at all of my viewing options. So one of our many channels seemed to be a gay and lesbian channel. Who knew that such a thing existed? I have to admit I’m super excited about the programming opportunities of a gay network. They were doing a “Queer Year 2005” year in review clip show kind of thing while showing a movie… Although I’m not sure what Moulin Rouge has to do with Gay culture in 2005 but whatever. Great Flick. Great TV… I was even able to rewind it because Matt came in late and missed the love song part. Love me some Elton John sung by Ewan McGregor. That should happen more than it does. Anyways tomorrow we’re off to the C-bus for Rgill’s Rockin’ Eve. Should be funtimes.

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