January 12, 2006

Decisions, Decisions

So I’m getting fidgety. I really, really want to get the hell outta dodge. And I’m torn by all of the options… and by trying to be responsible with things… and by wanting new furniture and to redo our living room and kitchen…. so many places to go and things to do and so little disposable income and vacation time. Some friends of ours are doing a ski weekend in April at Vail. Never been skiing out west and I’d love to go… but then on the other hand my grandparents are going to Italy this year (with my parents and my aunt, uncle, and cousins) and they may not go again. But I’ve kindof already done that trip…although Matt hasn’t - he missed the best parts last time – the parts in the little tiny towns in Tuscany and the big party in Avezzano – and doing that with family is indescribably amazing…especially if this is the last time my grandparents ever go…And it's not like we've seen all of Italy - Matt would love to go to Milan and I, Olympics addict that I, am would be thrilled at getting to Turino - But it's not like anyone is pressuring us to go...And I know we’ll have many more opportunities to ski out west… and Matt’s already done that anyways even if I haven't. And it’s been Vegas week on the travel channel which really, really makes me want to do another Vegas trip with friends. God those are fun. And a whirlwind weekend with the girls would be so nice right about now....And not that long ago Matt was lamenting not ever being to New York City and we were talking about a New York trip in the spring for our birthdays. And there was talk of a left coast trip this summer to visit friends with friends. And none of this takes Peru/Asia into consideration. And if we’re gonna go to Peru/Asia it needs to be in the next couple of years or chances are it’s never gonna happen…. And that will suck down all of the vaca time we have for an entire year. Plus if we’re serious about Peru/Asia we need to start putting money aside soon or we won’t be able to do it… but it’s real hard to put money away when you have third-hand-me-down furniture that’s starting to fall apart and a depressing, grade-school blue living room….And we’re already travelling two weekends in Feb. and that’s not going to be cheap…and we have to decide what we’re doing nowish or we’re going to miss out on both the Vail trip and Italy….

Anyways, sorry - that was pretty stream-of-consciousness but that’s what’s going on with me. I’m sure we’ll figure it all out soon… and all of our options are really good options. It’s just making the decision that's the hard part... then the fun of travel planning and home redecorating can begin!

Ok. I have to go make dinner now… my parent’s and brother are coming over and I know we’ll talk about Italy so this was weighing on my mind….I'll get back to posting about the knitting tomorrow.


  1. Hi!
    I found your blog while cheking out knitting blogs..
    I was attracted to it because I used to live in cleveland. I miss it sometimes, so it is nice to see folks from there.
    Also you ski? I do as well, we have a place in VT we rarely get to use as of late.
    Also, I am an olympic addict. I was recruited to be in the Jr team for the USET and I was recruited for skiing as well. Unfortunatly a severly damaged knee put an end to both dreadms.

    Anyway, I am not far from NYC and travel there often. I know I sound like a dork, but I would really like if we could get to know each other (damn that does sound bad), not in a freaky way, but as friends?
    Anyway, I will know if you never respond!
    you can email me at stella DOT blue AT gmail DOT com
    or, I have a blog at www.melissaamy.blogspot.com
    eventually I will have more then just a hold page at www.melissaamy.com, but that will be my blog page eventually....
    anyway, I hope I did not freak you out!

  2. How you do? I think you took the same stream of consciousness outta my head... except replace Peru/Asia with the London/Paris sort. Oh, and replace Matt with Rosie... and oh, well maybe it wasn't the same thought. Anyhoo, nice blog Jeanne, talk to you later.



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