January 10, 2006

Grandma & Andy Slippers

Slowly but surely I'm making it through all of my knit Christmas Gifts. Here's another one to brighten up your Tuesday... Oh yeah and I won't be at SnB tonight. I have to go to a kickboxing class as penance for missing spinning yesterday. I was SHAMED by Jill so I'm kickboxing instead of knitting.... anyways... here's the slippers that I knit for my brother and my grandmother:

Pattern: Striped Slipper Socks in Knit One, Felt Too (Large for Andy, Small for Grandma)
Modifications: I added rows after turning the heel on Jessica and Jill’s suggestion – apparantly the slippers turn out rather small once felted. Also (obviously) I didn’t do the striping.
Yarn: Both used random gray wool from grandma (nothing like knitting a gift for someone out of their own yarn!), the black in Andy’s is Cascade 220 and the Pink on grandma’s is Patons Classic Merino That's Pink.
What I would Change: Nothing – adding a few rows to the length worked really well. I think I need a pair (perhaps in noro? they'd be adorable in noro)!!!


  1. i've been looking for a spinning class...where do you go?

  2. you're right you were shamed. shame is the best form of motivation. like jennifer said we are going to be so hot by summer they are going to have to follow us around with a fire hose!!!!!

  3. i love me a pair of felted slippers!
    and wtg on the kickboxing...bring on that hose, baby! ;)


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