January 7, 2006

Grandma B’s Red Hat Ladies Scarf & Bag:

mHere's some more Christmas Knitting for you! My grandma Bobbie is very active in the Red Hat Ladies - she even went to their convention- in Vegas! Anyways I wanted to make her some fun accessories with that in mind.

Pattern: Sophie Bag – scarf "pattern" below.
Modifications: I ran out of black yarn at 52 rows… so that’s where I bound off. I added in the eyelash yarn every 4 rows. Also I knit the handle longer than asked for – about 36 inches in total. The bag was knit on size 11 instead of the 10.5 called for –I like the fabric made by felting worsted on that size the best.
Yarn: The eyelashy yarn is Trendsetters Sorbet color 12 (2 balls total), Patons Classic Merino in black for the body of the bag (leftover from Andy’s hat), Cascade 220 for the handle.
Timeline: These took me a little over a week of sporadic knitting (a lot of bus knitting this one).
What I would Change: I don't think anything - it all worked out nicely.

Sorbet Scarf Pattern: Cast on 13 stitches on size 15 needles. Knit every row. I knit one full ball, then knit the bag, then went back and added on about 1/3 of the second ball to the scarf. Whatever was left from that second ball after the scarf was as long as I wanted it to be became the handle of the bag.

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