January 3, 2006

No more photos for me

Ok so I tried to post about another Christmas knit gift yesterday and I got an error message…but for some reason that post is showing up today.... apparently I’m out of photo space on Blogger. I didn’t know that was possible… so I have to completely reformat how I’m doing things. I have a buzznet account and I just started a flickr and a photobucket one… I’m not sure which way I’ll go yet – probably flickr since most people seem to use that although I like that photobucket gives me the html to the pic...wonder if any of the others do that. I’m going to spend the rest of lunch today setting it all up and playing around with it. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to some picture posting soon since the pics from New Years are epic…..

Oh and I checked out Typepad since all the cool kids have it… riiiight. Can’t afford to pay for a blog right now. Bummer… but I did find out that the quarterback of the Steelers has a blog… and I know a few Steelers fans read this – so here’s the link to Big Ben. He talks about his dog even more than I do!!!
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