January 5, 2006

Rgill's Rockin' Eve

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Me, Rgill, & Jill all happy and ready to pop the champagne

So for New Year’s Eve (which is one of my fav. Holidays) I’m not so much into going bar-hopping since it’s always Amateur Night. And who wants to deal with Amateur drinkers… or drive… or any of that. So my friends and I usually get together and play games and drink. Which is the best way to spend it ever. This year Rgill threw the party and it was amazing. We got to see some old friends, play drunken Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture, randomly walk to a bar at 1AM and meet up with some people I hadn’t seen in forever, and listen to Matt’s "I puked in my mouth" story once again. Great story. Great times. Here’s some of my fav. Quotes from the weekend:

"Happy New Years I have a hat!" -Screamed/Slurred by Jill
"That’s what I get for making fun of the new girl" – LB
"I’m not going to hook up with you." – Jason
"Bitches shut up or I’ll puke in your face." – Matt
"Oh my god I spilled liquor on my dog! I’m such a bad owner. Oh my god!" – me horrified at what I had done "As long as you never have to wipe liquor off of a real baby, you’re fine." – Jason’s response
"If you don’t roll down window right now I’m going to throw up." – Matt "Let’s keep it up and see if he’s serious" – Jill

And here’s some more pics. You can see them all on my photoblogPhoto Hosted at Buzznet.com
Me & LB

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
Me (trying oh so hard not to have multiple chins) & Jill showing off our sweet fake eyelashes

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
Joe - he has a blog too! Check him out at Crazy World We Live In

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
The ride home - aren't they adorable!


  1. sounds like u guys had a great new years! love the pics, especially the super-cute going home pic...gotta love a sleepy hubby and puppy pair :)

  2. dude, you forgot the best of all!!!! "dude, that guys totally talking!". good times, good times. thanks so much for adopting the spinster for the holiday. i had a total ball.

  3. oh and why do i have 18 chins and weird hair in the champagne picture? thank got we are hitting the gym as hard as we are!!!!!

  4. I'm so going to add that one now!


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