January 30, 2006

Sick Blogger

Well I’ve been a bad blogger lately… Last week I was completely knocked out with the "death cold" that has been making the rounds around my office. It sucked. Hard. I’m finally, finally starting to feel better. I hate being sick…. And I hated using my sick time this early in the year… and it really sucked since Matt had to work real late almost every night last week so I was pretty much sick and lonely and whiny. And I was too hopped up on the day-quil to even really knit anything substantial – just a few basic scarves out of some stash yarn that I had from Christmas. Oh yeah! I never posted the knitting stuff that I got for Christmas! I'll do that now to beef up a boring post about being sick....

I got this box from my Aunt Lynn (who is a new knitter herself)

It containes Eros Eyelash Tweed (which is what I used to make one of the sick scarves – I’ll post pics tomorrow), Eros Miracle (which will also probably become a novelty scarf), size 13 and 10.5 bamboo needles, and a ball of Baby Alpaca that I have no idea what to do with. Is that what you knit lace out of? Hmmmm…. Perhaps some internet research is necessary.

From my grandma I received this:
It’s a box of her hand-dyed wool "experiments" Each one has a label on it that says what she did! I can’t wait to try dying – she’s going to show me how to do it when I go to visit her in Florida in a few weeks. I think this yarn is destined to become felted bags… not sure yet.

And from my mom I received this:
It’s a kit for a beaded bag that I’ve been eyeing at the yarn store for awhile now. I can’t wait to try it but I think beads and thin, cotton yarn are more of a summer knitting project so I’m holding onto it until warmer weather.

So while I was sick I also made a Patons Merino scarf for Matt. I’m completely addicted to Patons Merino by the way…. Well… at least when it goes on sale 40% off at Catans! 229 yards of nice, soft merino for less than $4.00? Awesome. I made the boyfriend scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts…. Has anyone ever made this? Warning… it curls! I like the pattern a lot but not so much the curling. It’s currently blocking on my guest bed – I stretched it out pretty good and hopefully the curling will calm down a little. I’ll post pics once it’s finished blocking.

I’ve also been a bad secret pal – my SP7 sent me a post card from New York last week and I have yet to blog about it! So anyways – thanks for the post card!!! I wonder if she lives in New York or was just visiting or what… hmmmm. It was really nice to get a card while I was sick – Thanks SP!!!

And finally – thanks for all of your comments on the dog sweater! I think I’m going to send the one of both of them sitting on the chair. Matt wants to help me write the email, though – and he’s been crazy busy lately so we haven’t done it yet. I’ll let you know how it all goes….

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  1. Amazing yarn gifts! You live in Cleveland!! Boy, am I glad I decided to give away some yarn, or I might not have found you or the Ohio Knitters ring. I am definitely going to join! So glad you commented!


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