February 3, 2006

7 days until the Olympics!!!

I am a complete Olympic junkie. I’ll admit it. It’s like crack. I will spend the entirety of the games sitting on my couch completely transfixed by sports that I know nothing about. And with DVR I won't miss a minute of it. I can’t wait. And Tomba la Bomba is rumored to be lighting the flame. God I was so in-love with him back in ’94…. what can I say – dark, curly hair gets me every time!

So…in honor of the Olympic spirit and all I have finally decided to join the Knitting Olympics. Problem is I’m not exactly sure what to knit. I’m going to be out of town both weekends that the Olympics are on so I’m not going to have too much knitting time….but I don’t want to knit something lame…. Ok… here are my options. Tell me what you think….
  1. Clapotis – I would finally make the leap into the world of clapotis-addicted knit bloggers! I have some hand-spun, hand-dyed silk that my grandma gave me that I could use for it. I only have enough to make a mini one, though and I’m not sure that is an Olympic-worthy project... then again I've never knit one before and it sounds pretty complicated.
  2. Armwarmers – I have some knitpicks yarn leftover and they happen to be in Irish colors…. So I could make these to wear on St. Patrick’s day. I’ve already made 2 pairs, though and I’m a little sick of them… it would be a challenge to get them done that quickly, though.
  3. Irish hiking scarf – I’ve been kinda sorta thinking about making this or another cabled scarf for my Grandma Bobbie to wear on St. Patrick’s day – she’s really into it. Downside is the project might get a little boring to knit monogamously.
  4. Hourglass Sweater – I’ve been thinking about making this for awhile. I might have to pull all nighters to get it done as an Olympic project, though and I don’t have the yarn for it yet and I keep getting hung up on what yarn to even use. It could be possible, though and if I completed it would most definitely qualify as epic.

Ok… what do you think? All of you lurkers out there please, please, please vote!


  1. Jeanne, I'm totally with you on the dark curly hair! :)

    I voted for Hourglass because the others might get boring. Just a thought!

    Fine Points is having a sale this weekend. Just sayin'.

  2. Rosie Guard1:22 PM

    hey jeanne,

    i think the hourglass sweater sounds sexiest, so i voted for that, because finding a link for 'knitting' and 'sexy' is way cool.

    also, what is a clapotis?


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