February 27, 2006


So I finish connecting the sleeves to the body of my Tempting II… (By the way how cool is that? All of a sudden I have a sweater!) and I knit along – on size 6 needles… with over 250 stitches on each row… happily for 4 inches. That’s a LOT of knitting. I really stepped it up on Saturday…in fact – I stayed up until 3am working on this damn thing and I was feeling pretty good about myself and my chances for finishing. All I had to do was knit 2 more inches on the yoke and then knit the band around the neck and I had almost 24 hours left. No problem right?

So then I read the next step because I wanted to think about how easy it would be to get my gold medal while I fell asleep… plus I was kindof curious as to how the armpit was joined to the body…. And I read this:

Turn work inside out. Remove underarm sts of one sleeve from waste yarn and place on a double-point needle. Remove corresponding underarm sts of body from waste yarn and place on second double-point needle. Join body sts to sleeve sts using three-needle BO and long tail from sleeve.

And my Tempting II looks like this:
Oh Shit. Oh shit. OOOOOOOH Shit.

Remove corresponding underarm sts of body
Um…. I don’t have any of those! Wait they never told me to do that! They told me to join the sleeves to the body but they didn’t say anything about leaving body stitches just hanging there!!!

At the underarms, the sts on waste yarn from the body and from the sleeves will be opposite each other. These sts will be joined later on.
Oh. And just to rub a little salt in the wound the pattern also says this in bold italic:

Join Sleeves to Body
NOTE: Read through this entire step before beginning.
Well shit.

There’s nothing I can do but rip it all back. There are live stitches in my armpits with nothing to attach them to and my yoke is 40 stitches too wide. And I knit like that for over 8 hours.

I feel like Bode Miller. I partied when I should have been diligently working toward my Olympic dream. Then it looked like I was going to medal despite that. I got all excited and the crowd was cheering and the medal was so close I could taste it…. and then I got cocky, lost my concentration, and made a stupid mistake that caused me a DNF. Did Not Finish.

I feel like such an idiot. But like Bode Miller I’m going to pretend that I don’t care.



  1. So...close...! I think you should blame it on the pattern. You would have made it, had it not been for the confusing pattern. It's a lot like those skiers who just missed the medal because there was a weird bumpy patch on the hill, and it sent them flying into the fence. You tried -- and you *almost* finished -- and that's gotta count for something. And really...once you finish, it won't really matter because you'll have a cool Tempting II anyway.

  2. Please say you haven't frogged it yet! I'm sure we could figure out some way to finesse those underarms. Are you sure you can't pick up stitches from the body area and go ahead and do their 3-needle bindoff then go back and do some kitchener/duplicate stitch cosmetic work? It just seems too painful to rip that much.

  3. Aww... that makes me want to cry. Let's look on the bright side though, anyone who reads this, and attempts the pattern has hopefully learned from your mistake. It seems that most people haven't finished their knitting olympic projects anyways from what I've been reading.

  4. oh sweetie - i'm so sorry. but i know u can find a way to make it work and u were just so close and shit - that sucks, girlfriend :((( i don't know what to say except that u still rock as a knitter in my eyes!!! xo

  5. Oh Jeanne,

    So close. I've been wondering how you were doing with your Tempting II. It looks so pretty so far. Aw shoot.

  6. I'm with Beth! I hope you haven't frogged it, because there has to be a way to pick up some sts or something to close those armholes. Maybe you could even bind off the ones on the holder and then just seam it?

  7. damn that sucks!!!!!! really hard!!!! it must be something with that color jeanne....

  8. Anonymous2:56 PM

    But it will be soooo beautiful when it's done! Just keep that in mind :)


  9. CRAP! Doesn't that jsut SUCK!!! Don't give up on it though, it looks so great!


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