February 28, 2006

If at first you don’t succeed…

I haven’t knit since Saturday. And I haven’t read anyone’s blogs either. I’ve been too depressed after the whole Tempting II debacle. I couldn’t face seeing all of the nice, finished, Olympic projects without my frustration getting in the way…. Well today I checked my blog (and if we’re really being honest here I checked it with the intention of staring at the picture of the Tempting II and obsessing a little more) and… well.. .your comments just made my day. Thanks so much for all of your support. Thank you for caring enough to take the time and help me out. Knitters are such wonderful people!!! THANK YOU!

So ok I’m going to stop being depressed about this and I’m going to forget that I swore off knitting for awhile (yeah like that was gonna happen). You’ve inspired me to get back in the game and finish the darn thing. There’s got to be a way to make this work.

But before I do that I’m going to try to catch up on my blog reading…So in the meantime here’s a picture of my new couch! (I might have gotten a tad carried away with the noting … I’ve been adding construction notes to drawings at work for like a week now so I can’t help myself anymore)
Isn’t it fun? We had such issues finding a couch… I’m not a tall person and I didn’t want a couch that was so big it made me feel like a little kid. Plus our living room is not huge – and most furniture out there is. And there was the whole debate… couch and loveseat… couch and two chairs… couch and lounge? Then we found this. It’s exactly what both of us wanted but completely different than either of us pictured. Funny how that works out. I never imagined I would like a sectional… but this works so well with the space and fits perfectly under the window. Plus the lounge is a wonderful spot to sit and knit….

Now we just need a rug, and a chair, and a tv table, and end tables, and shelving, and a dining room table, and curtains, and better lighting, and artwork for the walls, and a new coat of paint, etc. etc. etc. Baby steps, right?


  1. so glad u r back in the saddle, jeanne - ur tempting ii is gonna be great when u finish it and i will knit u a gold medal myself if that makes u feel better :)))

    love the couch - it looks absolutely comfy and b e a utiful!

    not sure about snb tonight, but i'm thinkin' about it...maybe i'll see u there :)

  2. dude, the couch totally rules. big time!!! love the diagram and notations! and don't worry, you are going to get tempting II done and its going to be hot!


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