February 8, 2006

Knitting Olympics Decision

Ack! for some reason this post didn't actually post when I wrote it last night.... oops!

Does anyone remember that line in Friends when Monica and Chandler decide to move in together and she says to Rachel in the whiniest voice possible “I have to live with a boooooy,”? Yeah. That’s me right now. My house is starting to smell like a combo of boy feet and cigars. But whatever… I’ll just keep on bloggin until they leave.

So I finally, finally picked a project for the Knitting Olympics!!!! I’ve bought the yarn and officially signed up so I’m committed. Thank you all so much for all of your help in deciding what to do – all of your comments and votes really helped me out. In the end I decided to do something completely different. Yeah… I’m a little ADD with my knitting. See Rosie (big shout out to Rosie in Portland!) said that I should knit something sexxxy ‘cause that’s just cool. And I agree. I want to knit something sexy. But then Jill talked me down from the hourglass ledge that I was about to jump over by warning me that if I spend all of that money on yarn and try to rush the project “you might fuck it up.” Yup. I probably would. So back to the drawing board of knitty patterns I went and decided on Tempting II. Check out the pic...

According to Rebecca (big shout out to Rgill in the Cbus) it’s a very me shirt… and according to Sarah (Big shout out to Sarah T. hmmm I’m shouting out more than I’m posting. Oh well) it’s girly and therefore perfect for me. Hell even Osam approves of this pattern (although he said something about boobs so I’m not sending a shout out his way.) (shit. I just used the words sexy and boobs in the same post. weirdo searches are going to lead people to my blog now. Ugh… freaks go away no boobs here!!! only knitting!!!) So off I went to the yarn store. They didn’t have the yarn called for in the pattern… but they did have some Cascade Fixation…which is this really cool (aka cheap) cotton and elastic blend. Yup. Elastic. It’s awesomely stretchy… but a little wonky to knit with... And they had the exact amount I needed in only one color – a pretty coral pink that is… well… very very very girly and therefore very very very me. It was meant to be. I finished my “training” aka swatching tonight at SnB and got perfect gauge on 7’s so I’m good to go. I can’t wait to cast on!!! Here's my swatch and my yarn...

Oh and just so you know I’m not the only crazy – there are over 3,000 knitbloggers doing the Knitting Olympics. Which is more participants than actual athletes competing in the games!!! And check out all of the teams! There was even an NPR article on us!!! We’re on NPR!!!!!!!!

So exciting. I'll be sure to obsessively post updates once I get started. Until then I give up... the guys are never leaving... wait... now they are coming to talk to me.... guess their game is over. Lataz.


  1. Tempting II is a great project. I bet it will be much more fun than Hourglass. I have only seen socks in Fixation, but I can see that it would be PERFECT for this pattern. It will make a great-fitting sweater. Can't wait to see it!

  2. thnx for the shoutout 'Yo! hey don't you already have a sweater that color?!!! (insert evil "heh, heh, heh" here)


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