February 2, 2006

Knitting Updates & Some Bad News

Ok so here’s some stuff I’ve been working on but neglected to blog about b/c of the whole sick thing….

Aunt Cathy’s Armwarmers:
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I knit these for my husband’s aunt per her request – she saw my Sister-in-law’s Armwarmers at Christmas and wanted her own pair! I used the same pattern – Natalaya’s Gauntlets - with the same modifications only knit in Wool-Ease so they’d be machine washable and a little longer so they’d be nice and warm. She plays the organ needs something to keep her hands warm but her fingers free in the cold church. I sent them to her this week and I’m hoping she likes them!

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com

Matt’s Scarf:

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com

This is the boyfriend scarf in Last Minute Knitted Gifts knit out of two balls of Patons Merino held together. I like it. It’s a little curly but the blocking helped a lot with that….

In other news a horrible thing happened last night. Horrible, I tell you. My spinning instructor who we affectionately call "Lance" (ok by affectionately I mean mockingly but whatever) quit. He QUIT. No warning, nothing. I feel so abandoned. Who is going to scream at us that we’re "his team" and "that’s perfect form don’t fuck it up!"? Who’s going to be all creepy and pat us on the back? So sad. Now we have the super-bitch instructor. She’s insane. She ran two marathons back to back in the same weekend. INSANE. And she takes it all a little too seriously – but not in an amusing and harmless kindof way like Lance did. More like in a "I'm better than you so don't even try" manner. And worst of all… her music sucks. So now Jill and I have to find a new motivation for going to the gym...I'll let you know how that one turns out...


  1. my friend made the wrist warmers from "last minuted knitted gifts". she had a problem with the yarn pilling. do you think it was because of the type of yarn seh used? did you have pilling with the Andean Silk?

  2. oh lance, i miss lance....... lance was going to kick my fat ass into shape......

  3. Cheri8:11 PM

    Hi....I talked to Aunt Cathy and she loves the armwarmers. She was very touched that you made them for her. I crocheted 2 sets(actually 3) out of stuff that I had here and kind of making them up as I went along. The soft yarn was comfy but the rather stiff (cheap) yarn had a really nice quality in that they give support for my increasingly arthritic joints. They are stiff enough that they actually stand up on their own. Not what I intended but I like them.


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