February 21, 2006

My talented husband

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com

Ok that would be a picture of a huge advertisement that they have in the Cleveland Airport. It’s on the way from all of the gates to the baggage claim so everyone who flies into Cleveland walks past it. And the big picture was completely rendered by (and the building was partially designed by) my husband. He acts like things like this are no big deal but I think this is a clear sign that he is wonderful, talented, a great designer, and clearly an exceptional architect. I might be a tad biased, though.

In case you're interested you can see more of his renderings here.


  1. ha! my husband is an architect too! well, almost...he took his last exam and we are waiting for the official results in the mail.

  2. that's awesome, jeanne - you two make one very talented couple!!

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