February 23, 2006

Olympic meltdown

I’m getting close to having an Olympic meltdown. There is no way I’m going to finish this in 3 days. No way. What the hell was I thinking with the "Oh it’ll be so much nicer if I go down a needle size or 3." and the "Oh it’ll be easy to add shaping". Soooo dumb. I feel like back when I was in college during "project week". The deadline looms closer and closer while my chances of finishing get slimmer and slimmer….it’s not that I haven’t been knitting constantly because believe me I have… it’s more that I didn’t read the full pattern before figuring out my timeline for completion. ALWAYS READ THE WHOLE PATTERN FIRST!

Oh well… at least I participated. And it’s not over yet… I might be able to pull this off…

and ps... that is the new couch that my knitting is sitting on! I'll post a pic as soon as our living room is "picture ready" meaning not covered in laundry....


  1. Ah...I know how you feel! Even though I totally chickened out of the Knitting Olympics, I thought maybe I'd crash the party and finish my sweater by the end of the Olympics. But now I'm realizing that it would be more stress than it's worth (and I'd probably rush and screw something up). So don't stress yourself out over it too much. As my friend (a soccer mom) says, you tried real hard (unlike me -- I was too much of a pansy to join in the first place)! And at some point (even if it's slightly after the Olympics are over) you'll have a gorgeous Tempting. That gives you a gold medal in my book... :)

  2. I'm still holding out hope to finish. Then again, I can call it long enough at any time... :)

  3. I'm rooting for you. There is time.

    And just so you don't feel quite so bad about the pattern reading...I've been sewing and knitting for most of my life and I still forget that very, very important tidbit of info from time to time. Either I read them through completely and misunderstand them or I just wing it. There is no middle ground with many projects.

    Ok, get your fluids ready, do some stretches and knit on!

  4. u can do it, jeanne - we're all rooting for u!! good luck, chica, and i can't wait to see more of the new couch...looks purdy :)


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