February 24, 2006

Olympic Update

Thanks for all of the supportive posts! Knitters are really wonderful people…. I unfortunately may have completely screwed my chances for finishing …. last night instead of diligently working on my sweater I went to Jill’s house, watched American Idol, and got drunk. What can I say – we all deal with stress in different ways… and there are some things that are more important than knitting (Blasphemy!) - like friends (and wine.)

Tonight I’m going to a happy hour party… but hopefully tomorrow I can seriously get cranking on this… and perhaps even still meet the deadline (hope never dies)– If I can find the size 6 DPN that I lost last night… It was really hard to keep track of 5 needles after starting with the wine….

And just so that I don't have two posts in a row w/o any pictures here's a shameless shot of my dog.

1 comment:

  1. Who's this Jill, and why doesn't she knit? ;)


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