February 25, 2006


Ok so I’m cruising on my Tempting II. I’ve finished both sleeves and am about to join them to the body… I wanted to try it on first to make sure everything was ok…. And well… It fits GREAT!!!! My Math worked!!!! It hugs my curves in the right places and is long enough and well… here’s an awful picture (I would have had my husband take it but he's off playing basketball enjoying the weather)

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
This is very exciting from a girl who was terrified that the math and the small needles would end badly….

Ok… I need to go join the sleeves to the body now. It’s too nice outside to stay indoors and knit so I’m taking the knitting with me to the dog park with Dexter. I’ll probably post pics when I get back.

I actually have a chance of finishing this!!!!!!

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  1. u rock, jeanne - i knew u could do it!!!!


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