February 24, 2006

Talented Husband Update

Ok so… a few posts ago I wrote about how Matt has this rendering up at the airport. And then that post was linked to by Brewed Fresh Daily… which completely freaked me out. Because why would someone care about this? So I added the disclaimer… well I tell Matt about all of this and he just laughed at me. Here’s about what he said: Noone cares about your views on architecture in Cleveland – I’m sure that’s not why they linked there. Don’t worry about it…thousands of people see that add every day while walking through the airport it doesn’t matter if a few more see it on your blog - if anything you’re sending more people to the Avalon Station site which is a good thing… you should put in your blog "if you want to buy a condo click here!" and really, shamelessly promote it!

Ok so fine. I admit I overreacted just a little… but I can’t help but be freaked out when people other than knitters wander into my site. Because the online knitting community is this amazing network of support and general love of craft and goodwill. So I just assume that knitters are good people – and non-knitters… well… people can be mean when they have the internet to hide behind…. and I was afraid of that happening here.

So anyways sorry for the freakout and the unnecessary disclaimer…. I’m going to take it off.

And thanks for the link Brewed Fresh Daily! I do enjoy your site!

And if you are for some strange reason interested in my views on architecture in Cleveland – or on what I think should happen to Scranton Peninsula (A community and recreation facility centered around the WRRF boathouse, and a phytoremediation park that phases the site into housing) email me and I’ll send you a link.
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