February 12, 2006

Tired Blogger

Ok so I’m exhausted. I was skiing at Holiday Valley all weekend and it was good but I’m too tired and sore to blog now… or respond to all the comments… or download pictures… or any of that. So I’ll just leave you with this:

Dick Cheney Shot Someone.

Read that sentence out loud to yourself like 3 times.
Holy crap.

Off to knit and watch the olympics!


  1. and these are the people running our country! god help us!!!!!

  2. The Holiday Valley seems to be such a great and fun place - I sure hope you're feeling a bit more relaxed by now! Best wishes from Austria!

  3. I just had to say, your link cracks me up. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Luckily for that guy, the Vice President can't go anywhere without an ambulance.

    I may go to the community knitting afternoon that Fine Points does at Cafe Limbo this Sunday. Do you ever go to that?


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