February 20, 2006

Vaca with the old folks.

So this past weekend I spent with my mom in Florida visiting my grandparents. Once you get into the slow, relaxed life that they lead there it’s really hard to get out of. Every day I was there I took a nap by the pool. Every day. You just can’t beat that. And now it’s lunch at work and all I want to do is take a nap in the sun……unfortunately it’s like 10 degrees out and I have work to do.

The highlight of the trip was definitely the flea market. I got random t-shirts for $1 (perfect for painting in) and $4 "designer" sunglasses for both me and Matt…. And fresh strawberries and funnel cake for lunch. Goodstuff. I also bought a hippie skirt (they are supposedly "in" for spring) and a visor to wear rowing. I love the flea market.

My grandmother is the ultimate enabler… while we were there and supposed to be working on Olympic Knitting she showed me how to do this:
Wool dying Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com

Yup. That would be wool dying. Here’s the finished results drying in the sun on their porch:
Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
So fun to play with. I’m going to have to do more dying although perhaps not in such neon colors…

I did manage to knit quite a lot – as did my mom and my grandma…. It was pretty cool – Three generations of Olympic Knitters:

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com

It was a nice trip.


  1. sounds like you had a nice trip. it was freezing here this weekend. lucky for you to get away from the cold!

  2. Three generations! That is too cool. :)

    Looks like your dyeing was a great success!

  3. that's awesome that u got to knit w/ mom and grams...how nice! and ur vacation sounds great. we did some relaxing on a lil mini-break this weekend at a resort in indiana...it's was so great to wear pj pants for three days straight and knit to my heart's content :)

  4. in my trip south i bought a visor for rowing tooo!!!!!!!! cant wait! oh an i haven't knitted in a week and am having some serious withdrawl!!!

  5. wow.. sounds like a great vacation to me!! Your grandma rocks for showing you how to dye yarn.. and you can tell her I said so.

    I know how much she'll appreciate that! *grin*


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