March 24, 2006

Blog Scavanger Hunt

Nothing much to post today...stilll working on Adamas and the bag.... so I’ll just go ahead and do JenLa's Blog Scavenger Hunt that I found on Stuck on Socks and include a random dog pic.

A blog which you think people have not discovered.
Pens and Needles – I’m not sure if this blog has yet to be discovered but her writing cracks me up – especially the post about everyone having babies. And she’s knitting the adamas shawl now, too!

A blog whose author lives close to you physically:
Jillybean! She doesn’t update often :-P but she is my neigh-boor

An unusual or weird animal picture:
Stuck on Socks has the cutest picture of three dogs sitting together – I’m not sure how she got them to sit that close together and wait so happily and patiently for her to take the pic! Also Knitting and Law School? Has a great shot of her dogs relaxing together

An entry that made you laugh and got you strange looks from family or co-workers
Pretty much any entry by the Yarn Harlot is good but this one about her daughter knitting really cracked me up. I've also recently discovered Crazy Aunt Purl and she's hilarious.

An idea you wish you’d thought of:
Um… not sure… I guess I’d have to say that the Who Wouldn’t Love a Handknitted Gift knit along was a GREAT idea – I found lots of inspiration there.

Something you’d like to knit:
Well, I’d like to eventually combine loves and try knitting with beads – seeing the Odessa hat on In Knitting News is what really inspired me to want to do this.

A picture of something you consider beautiful:
Definitely the buds on Craving Cleveland or the flowers in the snow on Rundpinne.

A blog whose author you’d one day like to meet in person:

I think I’d like to meet all of the authors on my sidebar in person, actually! But I’ll single out Affiknitty –because she's just so supportive of other knitters.

A blog of someone you have already met in person:
Knit Wit Girly – hopefully I’ll be running into her a lot – at the gym gettin' physical!
And just to add a little spice to this post I’ll also link to Jay’s Blog and Joe’s Blog – I know these crazy guys from college – we were in a fraternity together. They don’t post very often anymore, though.


  1. jillybean will post soon.... i promise!!!!! i just hate my computer!!!!!!

  2. woohoo - thx for the shout-out :)
    very fun game, girlie, and i love the pic of ur doggie!

  3. How do they sit so well? Obedience lessons, baby! ;) Plus, they'd just walked about 4 miles - they didn't have enough energy to move.

  4. Thanks for the link. Odessa is a great pattern. The beads take it to that next level.

  5. Look at me! Look at me! Yeah, I'm a guilty haphazard poster, but I go way back to 2003! Oh how embarrassing some of those posts were. Wait, come to think about it, my posts now are no less embarrassing about equally mundane things that are happenning in my life. Thanks for the link Jeanne!

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