March 20, 2006

The Calm Before the Storm

So yeah…. St. Pats was a ball but I took no pictures b/c Jill was taking lots – hopefully soon I’ll either have copies or she’ll put them up on her blog…

Then on Sat. and Sun. we just kindof hung out and relaxed. It was nice… but it’s the calm before the storm because we finally picked paint colors for our living room! What a process that was… it’s such an important space… and there are so many options… and it’s tricky because our foyer, living room, dining room, and hall are all essentially the same connected room….but I think we’re finally there…. The last step is for me to stop by Sherwin Williams tonight and pick up test cans of our final colors. Probably best to put some of the color on the wall before we invest in gallons and gallons of it! But next weekend and the weekend after that are going to be spent in a flurry of painting activity. No more grade-school blue walls for us! I’ll have lots of pictures once we get going on it…

I also made some progress on the Adamas Shawl:

That’s four pattern repeats. So yeah. I thought this bad-boy started at the point and was knit up. Um.. riiiight. Somehow it starts in the center of the back and becomes a triangle. I have no idea how this works (magic?) but wow is it cool.

Then in the spirit of being a true ADD knitter I also cast on for a felted bag… I needed something mindless to knit during It’s Not TV It’s HBO Sunday. I’ll probably add in some stripes out of the wool I dyed while in Florida. That should be nice.

But really what really needs to be blogged about during lunch on Monday is clearly the Sopranos. OHMYGOD. They can’t kill Tony!!! They just can’t! Matt is convinced he’s a goner because the Sopranos isn’t exactly the type of show to have miracles – I believe his words were "you didn’t see that guy last week hang and then Jack comes and miraculously saves him with no brain-damage or anything after being w/o oxygen for 10 min." He’s got a point. This isn’t LOST. He also thinks that this season is going to be about AJ stepping up to take the reins… but he’s only seen the first season and a half. And I can’t imagine the whiny little mamma’s boy that is AJ stepping up to do anything. But you never know… and where is Melfi? I miss Melfi. The Janice part was amazing – Matt kept saying "ok make this about yourself, c’mon really make us believe that this is about you…" And he hasn’t even seen the episode where the whole Janice/Ritchie thing works itself out in season 2! I can’t wait for him to see that episode.

Such a good show.


  1. well you know me and all my computer issues (and laziness) you may get the pictures before summer!!! or maybe you'll get them when you get your butt to they gym. yeah that's it. pictures for gym time.......

  2. Oooh - you're doing that without markers. Brave woman! As soon as I hit the lace section on my shawl, it'll be marker city. :)

  3. wow - that shawl is absolutely amazing...u continue to rock my knitting world w/ every new project!

    can't wait to see pics of the new wall color, by the way...the suspense is killing me! :)

    will u be at snb tomorrow? not sure if i'm going yet...


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