March 24, 2006

Drunk blog!

EDIT: Right. Sorry about all the drunken rambling last night… I was just happy and well… drunk… We’ll just take most of that post down and pretend it never happened ‘k?

K so this is my first time ever posting while drunk! I’m buzzed and happy so i wanna share. We had a little meeting tonight for our rowing team. Yup I’m on a rowing team. It’s way sweet. Last year it was a ball even though I missed most of the season… and this year we’re getting our own team together – yeah if you’re reading this and wanna be on a sweet summer rowing team holler back ‘cause really the more the merrier. Holy shit I just said holler back. HA! Anyways we filled out all the forms and such and then decided that we need to go to KanZaman (on west 25) and smoke a hooka. I"ve never done that before. if youre even gonna smoke a hooka do it with Osam 'cause it's waaaay fun 'cause he chats up the owners in their language and translates all of the music for us..... Hi Osam! and KanZaman has the best hummus ever. oooh and tabooli. mmmmm. taboooli....mmmmmm....

so my head is all cloudy from the hooka smoke.... it was apple or some shit like that... i'm not a smoker at all in any way so i'm not very good at it but it's pretty cool...hookas are these big bubbly colorful things.... mmmmmm.

our boat is gonna go so fast.

i'm so embarassed...


  1. sounds like u had a way fun nite! i wish i didn't have such a bad back cuz i'd totally join ur team!

  2. ummmm its "holla" not "holler" and "hookah" not "hooka" (that sounds like ghetto term for hooker). you rule jeanne, i wish i read the rest of the post!!! oh and OUR BOAT IS GONNA GO SO FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!


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