March 10, 2006

Happy 26th Birthday, Matt!!!

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.comSo yesterday was Matt’s 26th birthday. My parents took us, my brother, my grandma, her boyfriend, and Osam all out to dinner at Sakura to celebrate. We’d never been to a hibachi place before – how fun! perfect for a big group – we had our own table with our own chef… And sooo frickin’ good. Their sushi was amazing, too. We so need to go back there and just eat sushi for dinner…. Good to find a place that’s close by. Although I do love Sushi Rock it’s such an ordeal to go there anymore.

Anyways then we went back to my ‘rents for cake and presents… I had stashed his gift at the ‘rents b/c I didn’t want him to find out what I was doing for him– he’s been very suspicious since I drove to work a couple of times last week (I rarely do that) and I have been very secretive about what I’ve been doing on the internet lately. Although I made up some crap about having to go to Kmart – so he was convinced that he was getting something from Kmart…. But had no clue what it was. I also made sure that the gift was in a box so he wouldn’t know what it was right away…. And all of this totally worked. He was completely surprised. Definitely didn’t see this coming…

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What could it be?

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Seriously, Jeanne I have no idea what this is.

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Yup. I got him skis! Three trips to Geigers, getting on a first name basis with the sales guys, and lots and lots of internet research later Matt is the proud owner of a new pair of Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous skis and bindings. They are awesome. Really top of the line. I was soooo worried he wouldn’t like them because they are short…. A lot shorter than the 180’s he was lusting over last time we were in a ski shop together. But everything that I’ve read says that short and wide is the new way to go for all mountain skiing.. hell even atomic’s new catchphrase is something like "the next big thing is small". So I took a chance and that’s what I went with… and he loooooves them. We’re going to go get the bindings put on and stuff next week so he’ll have a chance to see what else is out there if he wants to exchange them… but I doubt he will.

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So now we just have to wait 39 days until vail….


  1. I tried skiing once. Thought my legs were going to break off at the knees. LOL Clearly not my sport. ;)

  2. ur a great wife, jeanne :)
    i also tried skiing breckenridge in colorado...first time ever one skiis and my sister's ex-husband took us up on a lift to a double diamond hill. needless to say, i was basically too scared to was the worst sporting experience of my life lol.


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