March 3, 2006

Last of the Olympic Posts

Here's what the Yarn Harlot had to say about those of us who didn't finish:

Finally, for my chosen knitters, those who did not finish... My deepest thanks and greatest satisfaction in the knitting olympics comes from you. Without trying there is no improvement or learning, without difficulty there is no striving. It was the sheer volume of knitters that gave this the incredible momentum, velocity and significance it has had for all knitters (and quite a few non-knitters who really were stunned. More than anything else this ended up being about an international community of knitters...and there are no losers at the Olympics. Even if you dropped the pattern in a puddle the first day...even if you grossly overestimated your available time, or if you got to rock a baby instead of still made the Olympics memorable. It takes a village to freak out non-knitters...and there is strength in numbers.

That makes me feel better. I'm glad I got to participate in this huge event and I am honored be a part of the international community of knitters - even if I didn't win gold.

Thanks Harlot.

I also stumbled onto the Knitting Olympics Blog and found that there are Silver and Bronze medals out there too. According to their site you need to have finished 2/3 of the project for a Silver. While I’m probably at that with the Tempting II I don’t think I deserve the Silver since I didn’t keep knitting after the fall – instead I put it away and basically just tried not to cry. So I think I’m a bronze medallist.


  1. yay - wear that medal proudly, baby - u deserve it!!!!!

  2. You deserve the silver - you got SO MUCH done on TII.


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