March 8, 2006

Overwhelmed Garden?

Ok so yesterday afternoon at lunch I ran over to the library to grab a quick book on lace knitting so that when I start all of these projects I have something to reference… and while I was there I thought I’d pick up a book or two on how to start a garden because I am a researcher – I like to read a lot about a project before jumping in. Um..... Ok there are like a billion books on gardening. No seriously. A Billion. On every subject related to gardening that you could possibly think of – color, flowers, roses, heirloom tomatoes, companion growing, water gardening, container gardening, guerilla gardening (WTF?), soil conditions, etc etc. Completely Overwhelmed.

So ok all I really want is these two things:
  1. For my yard to look good (and by "good" I mean "not the worst one on the street")
  2. To be able to cook and eat things I’ve grown myself (and if we’re being completely honest here I have dreams of making my own salsa straight from the garden b/c I love me some fresh salsa)

So I just grabbed Vegetable Gardening for Dummies and went on my way. Do any of you have any suggestions for any good resources that would help me out? Simple books on getting started? Basic reference for the new (a.k.a. clueless) homeowner? I would greatly appreciate it because I get the feeling I’m getting in way over my head here and I haven’t even started yet!


  1. ummmm, not that your neighborhood is bad (i mean since i am your neighBOR!), but you have a long way to being the worst yard on the street!!!!

  2. Have you tried checking on They usually have some good things on there when it comes to most topics. You can always go to a local nursery and talk to them too. They would probably have more than enough information.

  3. Don't go overboard the first year - beautiful gardens take years to develop. Consider raised beds for your foods and herbs. Perennials are great - but they take commitment - don't rip them out after one bad year.

  4. For edible gardening I cannot reccomend enough the square foot gardening method. It's simple to start, easy to manage, fits any yard and any lifestyle. It saved my hinder as a new homeowner in the past 2 years and I love it. (There's a fabulous book on it by its creator available on Amazon,com and in local bookstores.)

    I have to agree with Beth on landscape gardening - be patient. My front yard is still growing and developing, but it's getting there and looking better each day!

  5. green thumb, i have not, but jenny (the cross stitcher) from snb has an awesome garden and i'm sure she'd love to help u out...u could post on the snb board to get her attn cuz i know she reads them. good luck, girlie!!


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