March 31, 2006


So last night we both decided that it was waaaay too nice out to paint. So Matt went to the Bier Market with the boys and I had a wonderful dinner of wine and a new Rachel Ray recipe with the girls… and even a little knitting! Check it out:

Yes that would be yet another new project. And I still have both the purple bag and the adamas shawl on the needls….It’s spring. I can’t help it. This is just a little preemie hat for Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital – I think I’m going to try to crank out a bunch of these – they’re the perfect mindless bus knitting and I have the baby yarn and well… it's nice to knit for charity.

The downside to our wonderful night out is that in exactly 7 days bunch of our ‘nati friends are coming up for a weekend visit…. And our guest room looks like this:

And our living room still pretty much looks like this only now the ceiling is painted (yeah I know, BFD). We have 7 days to get it all painted and put back together! Riiiiight… it’s gonna be a busy weekend!


  1. Ah...procrastination. I, too, suffer from that illness. I'm going to blame it on spring fever. It's way too nice out to count stitches.

  2. Gotta love charity knitting. I donate mine to Childrens in Akron.


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