March 15, 2006

Project Spectrum

I’ve officially joined Project Spectrum, which is a craft-along where each month of the next 6 months is devoted to a color group. So I’m going to try to knit something out of each of the colors.... Hopefully that will get me out of the habit I’m in of knitting out of the same colors over and over again. Here’s the colors:

  • March - Red and Pink
  • April - Orange and Yellow
  • May - Green
  • June - Blue
  • July - Violet / Purple
  • August - Neutrals / Black & White

So in honor of March here's some recent red and pink projects…..

I finished the Airy Scarf (finally)! It was really short and kind of tight. The yarn I used must have been much thicker than what the pattern calls for b/c it didn’t really look lacy at all. So I blocked it. A lot. Here’s before and after blocking:

Photo Hosted at

and a close-up of it after blocking:
Photo Hosted at

I also finally finished and felted this bag I made awhile ago… It’s knit out of some leftover Cascade 220 (the black) and some Patons Classic Merino that I dyed with kool-aid awhile back. It was really just an experiment – I wanted to see how dying worked… and then I really liked it so I knit a bag. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. The Patons felts like a dream – even when dyed!

Before & After Felting:
Photo Hosted at Photo Hosted at
I think I need to add a sparkly button or broach or something to finish it off….


  1. That bag is awesome. I always have a hard time shaping my items when they are wet. I love the way your purse looks almost like it is sculpted out of yummy wool!

  2. I love felting and love to see a great project. This bag looks awesome! I am currently working on a Booga bag in Noro fiber. I will have pics soon on my blog. I enjoy reading your blog! Have fun.

  3. Good luck with project spectrum! You should definitely try Kimono Shawl - I'm so surprised how easy/fast it's going.

    Take care!


  4. the scarf turned out good, jeanne. the bag is awesome, the colors!
    have a a great weekend...hopefully i'll be able to meet up w/ u crazy kids at some point on friday...we'll see how long i stay out before heading home to be a good wife :)


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