April 10, 2006

Great Weekend

So this weekend a whole group of my ‘nati friends came to town… ridiculously fun times were had by all.

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
Dying Easter eggs while the boys played b-ball

Dinner out at Great Lakes Brewery (and yes, Osam is wearing a twinset)

Partying it up at the Treehouse in Tremont (which by the way is an awesome bar)

Rebecca and Matt beating each other up with a piece of Andy’s car

The carnage the next morning. Taco Bell is way too convenient to resist after a night out drinking.

More photos on the photoblog!

And don’t worry I haven’t forgotten that this is supposed to be a knitting blog – I promise there will be knitting content tomorrow (perhaps even tonight if our DSL is cooperating)!


  1. purdy eggs! hey - i'm making ur felted tab bag for my sis and was wondering how much smaller the one for your grandma was from your knitting bag?

  2. Nice to see someone paints Easter eggs!You are so creative!Gardening will be fun.. you can just let go and create what ever your heart desires.Rule #1..patience.


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