April 11, 2006

Impulse buy

So Saturday morning I stopped at this place called Buyers Outlet in Warren Village – it's this great little junk store where they sell all sorts of random cheap…. They are also our source of the fuzzy, squeeky toys for Dexter. Anyways this guy was outside unloading these pots of beautiful flowers… so I chatted with him for awhile – and he was pretty cool – very excited about his buds, very excited about people buying them, and very helpful as far as when and where to plant them, etc. etc.

So I bought two.

But I think that $5.99 for a pot with 6 bulbs that I can plant is a pretty decent price – plus I’d much rather give my money to a local guy who is proud of his work than to a big box store… and I was planning on buying bulbs in the fall anyways… and this way I get to enjoy them this year! So yeah… I bought some purple tulips and some white hyacinth. What can I say... I'm weak to the impulse buy.

And I promise the next post will have knitting in it!


  1. buyers outlet is the full on source for all cheap, random and sometimes even cool....

  2. sounds like i'll have to check this lil place out...thx for the tip! and those flowers are beautiful :)

  3. Warren Village makes me think of Gepetto's Pizza. I've been to several showers in their party room. The flowers are very pretty.


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