April 19, 2006

Knitters are Insane

Ok I leave for Vail in what… like less than 5 hours… and I’m in a serious serious dilemma. I don’t know what to bring with me to knit. I have no clue… and I’m freaking out and just packing everything. I’ll have at least 3 hours worth of plane/airport time each way to knit during, several long carrides (although the scenery may be more interesting then the knitting), several nights in a condo by a fire recovering from a long day of skiing. So that adds up to lots of knitting time…. And a lot of different knitting situations….But I’m not working on anything big and mindless right now which would be perfect for a trip like this. Bad planning. I know.

So tell me if this sounds like an insane amount of yarn and projects to bring for a 5 day trip:

Adamas shawl – requires 2 balls of yarn (perfect plane knitting when I want something to occupy my mind)
Cable knit bag – requires 2 balls of yarn (I want to experiment with these and this might be a good time to play with cables and figure out what I’m doing when I get bored of Adamas)
One skein wonder shrug – requires 1 ball of cotton fleece. I’ve wanted to work on this for awhile and this is going to be a good opportunity….
Random wool for a felted bag (perfect idiot knitting – I can start one of these puppies on the plane and have a good mindless project for when I get home from skiing and am tired and distracted) – this requires about 5 balls of wool so I have options for stripes.

It adds up to around 10 balls of yarn… plus my denise kit plus 1 knitting book. For 5 days. That sounds insane. It all fits neatly into a little carry on bag though… well maybe it’s not such a little bag… but it’s not like yarn is heavy.

What’s insane is this conversation that actually happened last night:

Me "seriously I don’t know what to knit on this trip. I think I’m bringing an insane amount of yarn"
Matt not really paying attention to me "there’s a ton of room around these boots in the boots bag…"
Me "Ohmygosh you’re right! I could totally put yarn in there!"
Matt… blank… stare… then… "seek help."

Apparently that’s not what he meant. Apparently I have lost my mind.


  1. I totally know what you mean. I do that every time. But really -- you can stuff extra yarn in your suitcase. Just bring what you need for the flight in your carryon. And 10 balls is *nothing*! You're not insane. Really! :) (Trust me -- your husband will get used to it eventually...)

    Have a great trip!

  2. I agree with KDK. Well, except your husband may not get used to it but he WILL learn to deal with it (mine has!) Put it to him this way, it'll be better to deal with the yarn and projects that you pack rather than the insanity that will occur if you don't have what you want while you are away!

    Have fun and stay safe!


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