April 5, 2006

one more day

So last night… we have a little time to kill before we leave for the rowing thing so we start pulling tape… and discover that we had accidentally painted the entire second coat of trim with either ceiling paint or primer. AAAARUGH! It looked like crap – matte paint on top of semi-gloss does not work well at all…it was really, really splotchy and uneven…. plus matte trim is never a good idea b/c if you scuff it or it gets dusty it will stay that way – there is no washability at all….. and we've worked too hard to leave something that looked that bad... or ruin all of our time and effort by half-assing the last step....so yeah... we had to repaint all of the trim.

So hopefully tonight we will really finish putting our house together and tomorrow I will really have the dramatic reveal.


1 comment:

  1. oh man - that sucks...sorry about that, girly. i can't wait to see the reveal!!


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