April 27, 2006

Vacation Knitting

Well I got to knit a lot on vacation – between the plane ride both ways, the delayed flight home, and just hanging out at the condo after skiing because everyone was so tired I got lots done. Well… not really done exactly. I’m in serious ADD knitting mode… check it out:

Cable knit bag:

I knit this mainly on the plane on the way. I’ve been wanting to try a braided cable for awhile now and I had the wool ease in my stash… so I figured I’d make one of those cute little cable-knit bags I’m seeing everywhere. I pretty much made up the "pattern" on the flight and just sort of went with it - I used the same cable as in the armwarmers that I've made twice. It’s waaaay too wide for the handles that I have, though so once I knit the rectangle I quit. I still need to seam the sides, find handles to fit it, sew the handles on, and make a lining…. But it’s kindof done.

Bag to be felted:

This is the pretty typical felted bag pattern – I cast on 38 (or 40… I don’t really remember) stitches, knit until the bottom looked big enough, picked up the stitches around and then just knit straight up. I’m real happy with the way the stripes turned out! Made bringing all of that yarn with me worth it! I need to knit an I-chord for the handle but I want it to be black and I ran out of black wool…

Yet another bag to be felted:

I started another bag out of the pink wool… Our flight home was delayed and I only had with me in my carryon the stuff to make the other bag… so when I finished it halfway through the flight I just figured I’d start another one. I was real bored, though so I played around with some increasing and decreasing on the bottom of the bag – that way it will have skinny sides but be wide enough to put things in. I think I started with 3 stitches, increased every row at each end until I had 18 stitches on the needles, knit for about 24ish ridges, then decreased every row at each end until I only had 3 stitches left. From there I picked up stitches around the bag. I was real happy with the bottom but I don’t think I like the shape the bag is taking. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do… so I started increasing at each side every 4th row… but then the bag was too wide and sloping so I started decreasing every 6th row… it kindof looks like a bubble. Eh. At least the colors are cute! I have enough green leftover to make a handle out of… I think I’ll probably twist it sophie style. Oh yeah and the green is the green I dyed while I was on vaca with the old folks…. I hope it felts ok!

So that means that right now I have 3 (actually 4 b/c I never finished the purple bag I kinda blogged about here) bags that are in various stages of completion... I really need to finish them before I get distracted again!

And the adamas shawl? Yeah. Still "working" on that.


  1. Wow! You weren't kidding about working on lots of bags! I love the cable bag! I'd say you could still use the handles -- just knit up a little piece to fit over the handles. And the colors of your felted bags are gorgeous! Can't wait to see them post-felting!

  2. holy moly - ur a bag-knittin' maniac!
    love the cable purse...can't wait to see it finished! that's something else i want to make myself...one of these days ;)

  3. love all the bright colors.

    I've thought about making a felted bag out of the roving I spun. Who knows when I'll actually spin it though. lol.

  4. I just adore all of these bags. Even though I'm not much on carrying colorful bags (yet), I love to make them. I'm still trying to come out of the black bag syndrome. The booga I made myself is the first bag I've ever carried with color. Have fun!


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