April 14, 2006

What am I thinking

No seriously. My husband says I’m nesting but I think it’s a combo of spring fervor and allergy medicine. We leave for Vail in 6 (well really 5 since today is over) days and I decided I needed to paint my hallway. I have tomorrow off for the holiday so yeah… I’m thinking I can get it all done. I managed to get a coat on the trim tonight…and we painted the ceiling when we painted the ceiling in the living room so that’s done…

Notice how everything is the same color of off-tan? Shudder. It needs painted bad. Real bad.

In other news – I’ve been traveling to Canton a lot for work lately – which is an hour away… and since we’ve been carpooling down there days like today when I’m not driving I get to knit for 2 hours – and get paid for it.. Kindof makes up for the fact that I don’t get paid overtime (really, who does) and when we do site trips like that they are always loooong, loooong days. Kindof….

so blogger just ate my adamas shot.... oh well.... I am now 7 and a half repeats in…. and thanks to Kristin’s disastor warning I will be using lifelines every repeat. I think I need to type that again so I actually do it… I will be using lifelines every single repeat.

every single repeat.


  1. Ugh. As much as I hate dealing with lifelines, I've definitely learned my lesson. I now understand the importance of the lifeline.

    I'm so impressed by all your painting. I wish I could get off my butt and do the same -- our house is in serious need of a little more color.

  2. Oh yes! DEFINITELY use life lines. I recently posted another frog tale because of the SAME THING! good luck with the painting.


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