April 14, 2006

what the...

So I’m sitting on my back stoop eating breakfast this beautiful morning that I don’t have to work…and Dexter is wandering around the back yard sniffing everything… life is good… and then… my dog started eating grass. Seriously. Like chowing down on it like it was a frickin’ steak or something. WTF? He’s not a cow!

I tried to get a picture but he wouldn’t do it on camera…. I’m gonna go paint now.


  1. All dogs eat grass! :) http://www.thepetprofessor.com/articles/article.aspx?id=214

  2. yup... its good for thier tummies. My cats LOVE grass!

    BTW... I love that mantle scarf in your previous post. I wish I knew how to crochet, too. I should get that new Debbie Stoller book

  3. my old cat used to eat house plants and then puke them up on the carpet. always made for some nice green stains. p.s. I HATE YOU for having the day off!!!!!


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