April 28, 2006

Worldwide Knit in Public Day

So…. I was randomly surfing around the internets (procrastinating cleaning the bathroom) and I found this site:

How fun is that! It’s officially June 10th… Unfortunately I won’t actually be in Cleveland that weekend or I’d try to get a group together. I’m going down to Cincinnati for my friends’ graduation… perhaps there will be a group in the ‘nati doing this that I can meet up with? That or I could always just do my own thing and knit at the graduation ceremony… hmmmmmmm…..

Anyone out there from the ‘nati?

In other news... after much debate I decided to join Secret Pal 8. I was thinking about doing the One Skein Exchange instead but I had so much fun with Secret Pal 7 I really wanted to do another one... and there is going to be another round of the One Skein Exchange this fall... so I'll do the SP8 now and the One Skein later. That way when I get busy around the holidays I'll be in a less intense exchange...yeah for swaps!


  1. hurray for SP8. I really hope it goes well. I definitely don't want a let down.

    How many knit in public days are there? I remember someone saying that a few months ago on some knitting boards. lol.

  2. can't wait to see the pics of goodies from your new sp :)

    and i'll def be doing some public knitting that day...how fun! maybe some happy hour knitting lol

    thx for the info re: the bloglist...played around a little the other day but didn't quite figure it out yet...will look at it again this week when i have more time. for now, i'm finally getting started on the felted tab bag for my sister...this is sucking down the lamb's pride quick...i think i might go broke on this one!

  3. I'm in Cincinnati! I don't know of any KIP events planned here though. It's not really a "knitty" city...But if you want to plan to meet up somewhere, I'm game, and I can probably get at least one other to join us!

    What area of Cincinnati will you be in?

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